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KandyPens – Great New Pens From KandyPens!

What do top rappers like Nas, Kanye West, French Montana, Young Thug, 50 Cent and Chris Brown all have in common? They’ve all showcased KandyPens vape pens and portable vaporizers in their cloud-filled music videos.

There’s a reason why this vaporizer is all the talk right now in the pen vape community and even in portable vaporizer circles.  

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Nextgen VaporTower Vaporizer Giveaway

This contest has expired.

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Already Vaped Bud – Tinctures

Tinctures with Already Vaped Bud

Creating a tincture is probably one of the more interesting options to do with your already vaped bud. The tincture process involves taking your already vaped bud (the recipe requires only about half an ounce of already vaped bud to be effective), mixing them with alcohol and then a process of distillation to create a tincture.

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Give Dad Blue Stars To Match the Summers Blue Skies


Authorized Dealer

In our lives, we’ll meet all kinds of fathers–from firefighters and police officers who literally save lives to the everyday heroes on whom we depend for strength, encouragement, love and wisdom. From life’s every day moments to our greatest days,

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