VapeXhale EVO 4 Cloud Vaporizer w Glass Mouthpiece

VapeXhale EVO 4 Cloud Vaporizer w Glass Mouthpiece

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The VapeXhale Cloud EVO 4 is here and we are ready to introduce you to the next generation of vaporizers.We designed the VapeXhale Cloud® from the ground up to produce the thickest, tastiest, and most potent vapor possible. How do we do this? We labored for three years in R&D mode, spent a medium sized fortune, strained our personal relationships to the breaking point, and came up with the following three innovations..

VapeXhale designed our HydraTubes™ so that when the VapeXhale Cloud® produces massive amounts of vapor, you can inhale all of the richness and goodness thereof without any negative side effects. We do this by incorporating a percolator to diffuse the vapor through a single chamber of water. This results in far cooler vapor that is also moisturized. This way you don't dry your lungs or throat while medicating.

During our research phase, we tested more than twenty different vaporizers. One thing we noticed was that many of their heating systems had serious performance degradation with use. This led us to push our engineers to spend the better part of the past three years researching and designing the PerpetuHeat System (PHS). This is the core driver behind the VapeXhale Cloud’s® superior performance. PHS was developed and patented by VapeXhale Inc. It delivers continuous heat with no performance drop off - even during the heaviest usage. PHS also maintains separation between the air and the heating element.

The PHS heating system wraps around the exterior of air path built into the VapeXhale Cloud®, conductivity heating the air within the glass. By separating the air from the heating element, the taste of our vapor is left unaltered. Connoisseurs agree that the purity and density of vapor through the VapeXhale Cloud® is second to none. Lastly, without disclosing too much of the design (gotta keep the other guys guessing) PHS incorporates a heat reflector. This not only improves the thermal mass of our vaporizer, it makes it greener from an energy consumption stand point.

Why did we elect to use an all glass vapor path at VapeXhale? Surely there are other materials that are more durable and easier to work with, right?

One thing that we found during hundreds of customer interviews is that the purity and taste of the vapor is of utmost importance. Glass is completely non-reactive, which is why it is used in laboratory and clinical applications. Since density, purity, and extraction were our primary design objectives, there was really only one choice. Once you try a VapeXhale Cloud we are you will agree with our design decision.

The VapeXhale Cloud was created for the high-end vapor connoisseur. Featuring industry best features such as:

  • All Glass Vapor Path - We chose to use a glass encapsulated heater because it is inert and does not add any flavor to our vapor experience. The glass heater core is surrounded by an aluminum enclosure for added protection and adds an industrial look to the VapeXhale Cloud.
  • PerpetuHeat System - Our glass based heater is coupled with an advanced microprocessor that helps control the heat so that the end user will experience a consistent vapor experience regardless of draw speed.
  • NOTE:  The Vapexhale will come with the Glass Shown in the pictures and not in the video.  The percolator in the video is an upgraded glass piece sold separately.
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- 07/25/2013

A great buy. You definitely cannot go wrong with this piece of machinery. The delivery was fast and the accessories it came with are great

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