Blisslights - Laser Wand H5

Blisslights - Laser Wand H5

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Blisslight Laser Star Field Projector Wand, GREEN

Blisslights are easy to use laser light projectors that create a dizzying paroxysm of thousands of moving specks of light. These flecks of light wander whimsically in far-reaching paths, amplified by the gorgeous amorphous azure nebula backdrop.  Blisslights combine the use of lasers and optical elements to create a lighting wonder, similar to a drifting universe starscape.  These breathtaking lights are everything beyond your wildest imagination, and must be seen to be fully appreciated as the work of art they are.
Blisslights are designed for commercial consumers as well as homeowner use. Professionals use them to brighten even the darkest and most difficult areas, and creates an impressive light display unlike any seen before. Everyday consumers use these to dazzle and entrance family and friends by transforming any ordinary house or scene into a starry wonder.
Blisslights have raised the bar in the lighting industry, creating a new standard of lighting experiences for everyone for both indoor and outdoor uses.
Carry a universe of stars in your pocket!  This portable Blisslight Wand is the perfect tool for any party-goer, seeking to fascinate anyone, anywhere, at any time!
  • Green Starfield
  • Portable, Handheld 4"x 3/4"
  • Battery Operated, CR123A
  • Metal Case
  • 5mw Laser Module, Class 2
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Blisslights Laser Projection Pattern

Blisslights Wand Laser Patterns

Blisslights Laser Wand Projection Patterns


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