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The History of Pot

12,000BC: Hemp was first used for paper and medicine in China

2737 BC: Cannabis referred to as a “superior” herb in the world’s first medical text, or pharmacopoeia, Shen Nung’s Pen Ts’ao, in China

1500 BC: Cannabis-smoking Scythians sweep through Europe and Asia, settling and inventing the scythe.

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Why Using a Vaporizer is Healthier and Better Than Smoking

Why Vaporizers Safer Than Smoking as Vaporizers are fascinatingly useful, and the average person simply does not understand how they work or why they’re such a great tool to own. The most immediate negative impact of smoking comes from the inhalation methods that the common user exposes themselves to on a regular basis.

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Portable Vaporizer

The Portable Vaporizer is the most popular form of vaporizer. They are small, compact and powerful and as technology advances they just seem to get better and better. Today we’re going to go over our Top 10 Portable Vaporizers and rate them with how they rate with us personally.

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Volcano Vaporizer Temperature

The Volcano Vaporizer temperature is best set at about 6 on the dial, or roughly 374°F (190°C). When you factor in the temperature flux of the heating element (+/- 9°F) your actual vape temps will be between 365°-383°F (185°-195°C) as it cycles on and off to try and keep a constant.

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