Blisslights Spright MOTION Blue Laser Light REMOTE Outdoors Stars Projector

Blisslights Spright MOTION Blue Laser Light REMOTE Outdoors Stars Projector

Product Features:
  • 1000s of moving pinpoints of light
  • Auto Shut Off
  • Blue Laser
  • Remote Control
  • Made Out of ABS Plastic
  • FireFly Effect
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Blisslights Motion - Imagine 1,000’s of moving blue pinpoints of light

The MOTION Blue by Blisslights is an indoor and outdoor laser projector that creates a moving “firefly effect”.  MOTION is energy efficient, weather resistant, and is made out of ABS. It covers a space of up to 2500 sqft with 1,000’s of moving blue pinpoints of light making it a perfect “instant holiday light” or a fun, every day light experience. With a click of a button choose between a soft, moving firefly effect to bring a touch of bliss to your home or increase the setting for a more festive atmosphere that can bring any party to life. The MOTION Blue laser color looks great in any outdoor space like the green laser, but the magic of the blue laser looks amazing on walls, snow, and any water fixture. Try it on pools, fountains, ponds, and other water surfaces! Transform any event, holiday, or moment with a moving blue starry-night feel.


  • 1 MOTION Blue with built-in timer
  • 1 Remote Control with 2 AAA batteries
  • 1 Transformer
  • 1 Ground Stake
  • 1 Stand

Use the Blisslights MOTION Blue for:

  • Imagine a dancing star field around your tent, RV, or camping trip
  • Create an “Instant Holiday Light” or boost your seasonal display to the next level
  • Shower them on your guests during your New Years celebration or birthday party
  • Comfort children with a unique starry-night night light
  • Illuminate your water fixtures and home surfaces
  • Highlight arbors, backyards, bushes, gardens, walkways and more
  • Use indoors or outdoors, you are only limited by your imagination
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