VaporBox Handkits

VaporBox handkit and whips including supporting parts.

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Bowl - for the Deluxe Hands-Free Handkit

Price: $36.00
Bowl - for the Deluxe Standard Handkit - Out of Production

Price: $39.95
Bowl - for the VaporTower Dual Screen Handkit

Price: $36.95
Clear Mouthpieces

Price: $6.95
Colored Mouthpieces

Price: $4.95
Deluxe Hands-Free Handkit

Price: $44.95
Deluxe Standard Handkit

Price: $49.95
Replacement Silicone Tubing

Price: $9.25
Steel Screens (5 Pack)

Price: $2.25
VaporTower Handkit Dual Screen Handkit Vapor Whip

Price: $64.95