Hands Free Vaporizers

Hands Free Vaporizers feature easy leave-on operation. Features a ground taper fitting to allow the Whip/handkit to stay connected to the vaporizer. Hands Free: The Hands Free vaporizer and Hands Free whip have ground glass connections that allow the whip to fit over the heating element. This provides a secure connection that allows the whip to stay on the vaporizer without being held. This frees that hand to operate a hydrator or water device. 

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 HerbalAire H3 Vaporizer - Vaporizer System

Price: $219.95
Deluxe Daddy Vaporizer - Hands Free

List Price: $189.00

You Save $64.00
Price: $125.00
The VaporBox Vaporizer Nextgen - Dual Screen Hands Free

Price: $149.00
Vapolution 2.0 Vaporizer - Open Box

List Price: $179.95

You Save $79.95
Price: $100.00
Vapolution Vaporizer | Basic Package

Price: $134.95
Vapolution Vaporizer | Ultimate Package | Battery Pack

List Price: $265.00

You Save $15.05
Price: $249.95
VaporBox Herbal Vaporizer B Stocks - Hands Free Deluxe

List Price: $169.00

You Save $40.00
Price: $129.00
VaporDoc Classic HandsFree Herbal Vaporizer

Price: $120.00
VaporTower Vaporizer Classic Limited Edition System

Price: $169.95