Vapolution Vaporizer | Basic Package

Vapolution Vaporizer | Basic Package

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The Basic Vapolution Package

The Vapolution Vaporizer kit operates on 12VDC which equals safety and portability. A travel adapter included in the kit makes sure you and your vaporizer will not have to be far apart even on camping trips or other excursions. The vaporizing system includes 2 different size bowls to please those looking for the most efficient vape possible and those seeking a robust vapor puff. In addition to the bowl size variety, temperature control allows the individual to choose the rate of vaporization. Above and beyond all else, this is the only true glass on glass vaporizer. No metal screens, no aluminum heating elements.

Package Basic Vapolution includes:

  • 1 Vapolution Glass on Glass Vaporizer
  • 1 12VDC Power Supply
  • 1 Travel Adapter
  • 2 Glass Bowls (1 Medium and 1 Large)
  • 2 Retaining Washers
  • 2 Food Grade 3.5 Foot Long Whips

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- 11/26/2010


Glass on glass (I assume the interior is glass)
Heat source is near the herb - so you are able to use small amounts of herb fairly effectively compared to the large bowls that are some distance from the heart source (Arizer product as example).


The "bowl" is upside down so, yes, gravity works - and the herbs fall out - it is a silly design regardless of what the Mfr tells you. Also on their web-site they indicate that material expands when it heats.... That isn't silly - that it patently as well as intuitively false.

Will never smoke again

- 03/07/2010

I love my Vapolution, some people complain about the bowl size, it comes with TWO whips, so i load both, takes care of that problem. I like the fact that the unit can stay on for 8 hrs and conserves herb and can be taken on the go. short start up time its a great product!

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