Grav Labs Glass Blunt

Grav Labs Glass Blunt

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Grav Labs introduces the Glass Blunt.  Awesome carry piece glass blunt from Grav Lab.  This convenient size glass blunt comes in two sizes and is approximately 4".

The GravBlunt is a glass pipe with a sliding glass tube inside.  You can load it with the amount of material you would use in a normal blunt.  The Glass Blunt can also be used to vaporize your material, by packing it to half full, and using the flame under the glass instead of letting it inside the open end.

How to use a glass blunt:
  1. Pull the mouthpiece all the way back
  2. Fill the tube with material
  3. Smoke or Vaporize
  4. Slowly push the mouthpiece forward to expel ash from tube when smoking
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