VaporBox Herbal Vaporizer B Stocks - Hands Free Deluxe

VaporBox Herbal Vaporizer B Stocks - Hands Free Deluxe

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Grinder Type
Acrylic Grinder - FREE
Grinder Card (+$6.95)
Aluminum Grinder (+$15.00)
Deluxe Aluminum Grinder (+$24.00)
Extra Bowl
Deluxe Hands Free Top Bowl (+$14.95)
5 pack screens Hands Free HK 1" (+$1.95)
Extra Tubing
3' Replacement Tubing (+$3.50)
5' Replacement Tubing (+$7.50)
Light Duty Travel Step Down 220v/240v to 120v (+$19.95)
Gift Wrap Option
Not Offered

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This is the heaviest-duty Ceramic Box-style Vaporizer on the market today. It is our in-house replacement for VaporCannon by VaporWarez, VaporBrothers, VaporDoc, and other similar models. This is the nicest looking and functioning model on the market!

This Hands Free model has fitted sanded glass on both ends of the heater and the handkit to allow the handkit to stay in contact with the heater without the user holding it there. It differs from our Standard model which requires the user to hold the handpiece to the heater while taking a draw.

New VaporStore Exclusive Ceramic Heating Element with center hole through it, for more efficient hot air output than other heating elements.

Less waiting - Unit is hot and ready to deliver any size hit in minutes.

Set It Once - The separate on/off switch allows you to find your desired temp setting with the adjustable dial, just set it and forget it.

VaporBox is the only Vaporizer made today that includes a LIFETIME warranty from VaporStore!**

**VaporStore Lifetime Warranty applies to heater failure only. Glassware and physical damage to box, are not covered under warranty.

Deluxe Handkits:

This is our new design, a VaporStore EXCLUSIVE product! One of the most difficult tasks of the older handkit designs is installing the screen, due to having to get the screen to fit into a tight groove. Our new DELUXE Model has solved this painstaking process.

Our Heating Element:

This is our exclusive Industrial -grade 100% Ceramic Heater, the source or our #1 reliability in the industry. This heater is built to last a lifetime and beyond!

Free Grinder with any purchase!

With each purchase you will receive a FREE Acrylic Magentic Grinder.

Color Options:

This is an example of the colors offered for our VaporBoxes. The colors available are: Natural Blonde, Red Cabernet, Light Walnut, and Dark Oak. The colors may vary slightly from the picture.

Kit includes:

Hands Free Model Vaporizer, DELUXE Handkit, Tubing, Glass Mouthpiece, Stir Tool, and Magnetic Acrylic Grinder.

  • VaporBox Dimensions: 4"W x 5.5"H x 6"L
  • Requires 50W
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- 08/14/2012

This vaporizer is much better than any other locally constructed thing you might find. I've had mine going on 5 years and it still works completely. it's heat is consistent and accurately adjustable. With my experience to make it vaporize perfectly for me I actually prefer it with a pipe attached over my friends digital volcano. I turn mine to just about 2 o'clock with a half full uncompacted bowl. Stir it between hits and repeat. Stainless steel screens are easy to clean, just put them on an electric stove top til they're red hot and run them under the water faucet with cooking tongs. Steams the crap right off. It's efficiency in vaping will pay for itself several times over!!!!!


- 11/25/2010

wow, this has exceeded my expectations! got the upgrade tower hands free unit. out of the box and going in minutes. let it warm up well then have at it. have had a vapor genie for a couple of years but this is so much easier! the staff was very helpful and placed my order on a monday eve with standard free shipping across the country and still had it waiting for me when i got home from work on Wednesday! overall very satisfied with the whole experience and i highly recommend the!!!!!

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