HerbalAire H3 Vaporizer - Vaporizer System

HerbalAire H3 Vaporizer - Vaporizer System

Uses: Dry Herbs
Type: Desktop | Digital

Product Features:
  • Newest Model - Version H3
  • Easy to Use
  • Tri Functionality
  • Superior Temperature Control
  • Durable and Safe Design
  • Hands Free Operation
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • 90 Second Heat Up Time
Price: $219.95
Plug Type and Voltage
USA 120v 2.2
EU 220/240v 2.1
Upgrades Available Options for the HerbalAire Vaporizer
HerbalAire Replacement Bag Set (+$19.95)
HerbalAire Mouthpiece Kit (+$24.95)
Herbalaire High Output System (+$75.00)
Gift Wrap Option
Not Offered

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The HerbalAire H3 Vaporizer is a scientific-grade instrument constructed with durable, high-tech materials including Teflon—a revolutionary material used in cookware that is completely safe for herbal vaporizer temperatures. The exterior of the HerbalAire is made with glass-filled nylon. The vaporizing air is completely isolated from the heating element with absolutely ZERO airflow passing through the electronics, preventing any off-gas elements from being inhaled.

Eighteen tiny jets of precisely heated air permeate the herb when the user inhales or when the pump for the bag-fill kit is turned on. When not in use the herb sits idle, preserving the essence while waiting for your next session with no wasting or burning! Active ingredients can be extracted at the lowest possible temperatures with maximum efficiency. HerbalAire user testimonials indicate that this device extracts 4 to 6 times more active ingredients from herbs compared to smoking.
Superior temperature control is one of HerbalAire’s prominent features. A 250◦ F-400◦ F temperature range allows for optimal vaporization temperatures. Not all herbs or tobaccos should be vaporized at the same temperature. HerbalAire's “smart” temperature control adapts to the climate and environment where it is being used. The HerbalAire is engineered under the highest standards and is currently being utilized in China to research the effectiveness of vaporizing traditional Chinese herbal medicines. HerbalAire’s proven versatility and effectiveness make it a great choice for a wide range of uses and herbal medications.

Easy Clean Up

Remove the mouthpiece and empty out the crucible containing the herb. A metal tool is provided to loosen any packed herb. Mouthpieces can be washed with water. If a more thorough cleaning is required, place mouthpieces in the plastic tube provided and swish with rubbing alcohol. There are no small pieces to take apart.
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This us the one

- 04/20/2013

I've owned a bunch of vapes and this is the best one I've found so far. There may be a better one out there but it would have be quite exceptional to beat this one for price, durability and ease of use.

Simply Amazing!

- 04/11/2013

This is the best vaporizer I've ever used.

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