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Apple Is About To Get Into The Vaporizer Market

A recently published Apple patent application reveals they might be preparing to get into the vaporizer market. The patent, filed last year by Apple employee Tetsuya Ishikawa, gives the technology company exclusive rights to a temperature-controlled plate that will vaporize a substance–though it’s not clear what that substance is.

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Thanksgiving Recipes

This month we will be publishing recipes that you can use your AVB (Already Vaped Bud) with to produce the perfect Thanksgiving. Don’t let the stress of the Holiday get to you. As we have the solution to make it all better. And what better way than cooking with your herbs to bring out the stress free Thanksgiving we all want to enjoy.

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Weed THC Sugar Cookie Recipe

Bake up a batch of these classic sugar cookies infused with a healthy dose of cannabutter. They’re easy, festive, delicious, and perfect for delivering a relaxing body high at a busy time of year. Whether you bring a box to your next cannabis-friendly gathering or keep them at home to pair with a mug of cocoa by the fire,

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