Thanksgiving Recipes

This month we will be publishing recipes that you can use your AVB (Already Vaped Bud) with to produce the perfect Thanksgiving. Don’t let the stress of the Holiday get to you. As we have the solution to make it all better. And what better way than cooking with your herbs to bring out the stress free Thanksgiving we all want to enjoy.

Today we will cover the Turkey itself.

The Turkey


1 medium-sized (12- to 15-pound) turkey
1/2 cup AVB butter
¼ cup chicken broth
1 tablespoon lemon juice
1 teaspoon poultry seasoning
1 teaspoon sweet basil
1 teaspoon thyme leaves
1/2 teaspoon sage


Melt the cannabis butter in a small saucepan over low heat and blend in remaining ingredients. Stuff the turkey and/or season it with salt and pepper, if desired. Make a small incision in the skin of the turkey. Force a finger through the slit and break the contact between the skin and the meat. Using a meat injector, squirt half the butter mixture under the skin. Cook the turkey according to your favorite method, basting it with the remaining butter mixture every half hour until it’s done. We are going to cook it on a Traeger grill.

And we cannot just give you the Turkey recipe.. Here is what you need to do for the stuffing as well.

The Stuffing


5 cups rye bread crumbs
2 tablespoons poultry seasoning
1/2 cup each of raisins and almonds
1/2 cup celery
1/3 cup chopped onions
3 tablespoons melted AVB butter


Mix all the ingredients in a bowl. It is surprisingly simple. We are actually going to triple the amount we make so we can stuff the bird and have some left over to eat.

* Note: Make sure that you let anyone know that is partaking in your dinner. This information posted is for educational purposes only and anytime one is cooking with any herbs should be cautious of how much is used.

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