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Apple Is About To Get Into The Vaporizer Market

A recently published Apple patent application reveals they might be preparing to get into the vaporizer market. The patent, filed last year by Apple employee Tetsuya Ishikawa, gives the technology company exclusive rights to a temperature-controlled plate that will vaporize a substance–though it’s not clear what that substance is.

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Nextgen VaporTower Vaporizer Giveaway

This contest has expired.

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Liquids with The Volcano Vaporizer

Using Tinctures and Other Liquids with the Volcano Vaporizer. So many think the Volcano is just for dried herbal material. All the S&B products come with what is called the Liquid Pad option. The Volcano is no exception.

If there’s one thing we like about the Volcano Vaporizers,

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The Herbal Chef’s Recipe for Cannabis Vapor-Infused Beef Tartar with Mushroom Tuile

Method For Tuile

Preheat oven to 320˚F. Sautee the butter, garlic and mushroom together until mushrooms are starting to crisp, turn off the heat and let steep for 30 minutes. Addthe pepper, cayenne and salt to the mixture. Blend thoroughly and pass through a fine sieve.

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