Save Money With Vaporizers

How can you Save Money with Vaporizers you may ask? Well in my experience there have been many ways that put more coin in your pocketbook and more herb in your vape.

1) You will use less material. Here is a chart that we put together showing the number of draws or inhales vs the amount of material used. We did extensive testing on our own and here is the results.


2) Here is another test we did. This chart compares from our testing the Percentage of Active ingredient used Smoking vs Vaporizing.


Now we know some of us love to use the king water pipe but think of the money this could save daily users as they would be using less material per session. This is of course if you are unlike me who would just enjoy more..

3) Much better on the lungs. In the long run even if you like smoking better vaporizing seems to be a better alternative. Less coughing, more endurance, and just less issues overall.

No matter your choice you can clearly see that even mixing in vaporization into your lifestyle could help you save money. Saving money through the art of vaporization.

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