What is Vaporizing?

Vaporizer Portable DaVinci IQWhat is Vaporizing?

When cannabis is vaporized, it’s heated to an optimal temperature where the trichomes are boiled and vaporized, but not combusted.

The general process of vaporizing refers to the conversion of a substance from a solid or liquid state into a gas, usually by applying heat.

With cannabis, this could apply to the solid form such as ground flower, or a liquid form such as cannabis oils.

Health Benefits

  • Vaporizing is recommended by many doctors as one of the safest methods for consuming cannabis.
  • Burning marijuana is known to pose risks to the lungs, and the resulting smoke, tar, toxins and smell from the combustion process is dangerous and irritating to the respiratory system.
  • Vaporizing offers a safer, cleaner, more pleasant cannabis experience. With vaporization the cannabis flower does not burn and minimal smoke or odor is released.


  • Like smoking, the effects of vaporization are felt instantly and will last two to three hours. This makes vaporizing a convenient and more controlled method for enjoying the benefits of cannabis.
  • Because there is no burning involved, many people prefer the taste and smell of vapor to that of smoke. Vaporizing also offers a more efficient experience than smoking.
  • According to a study conducted by California NORML and MAPS, vaporizing converts approximately 46% of available THC to vapor, whereas smoking converts less than 25%.


  • Although quality vaporizing devices tend to have a higher up front cost than smoking devices or joints, with better conversion of THC to vapor, less cannabis is required to achieve a desired experience.
  • This helps consumers to eventually offset the cost of the vaporization device.
  • Since vaporization offers a healthier alternative to smoking, it could potentially help reduce the expensive healthcare costs associated with smoking. 
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