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- 08/14/2012

This vaporizer is much better than any other locally constructed thing you might find. I've had mine going on 5 years and it still works completely. it's heat is consistent and accurately adjustable. With my experience to make it vaporize perfectly for me I actually prefer it with a pipe attached over my friends digital volcano. I turn mine to just about 2 o'clock with a half full uncompacted bowl. Stir it between hits and repeat. Stainless steel screens are easy to clean, just put them on an electric stove top til they're red hot and run them under the water faucet with cooking tongs. Steams the crap right off. It's efficiency in vaping will pay for itself several times over!!!!!


- 11/25/2010

wow, this has exceeded my expectations! got the upgrade tower hands free unit. out of the box and going in minutes. let it warm up well then have at it. have had a vapor genie for a couple of years but this is so much easier! the staff was very helpful and placed my order on a monday eve with standard free shipping across the country and still had it waiting for me when i got home from work on Wednesday! overall very satisfied with the whole experience and i highly recommend the!!!!!

Best Invention Yet

- 07/26/2010

For the price, quality, and functionality, it doesn't make any sense NOT to use this product (VaporCannon replaced by Box)! The Box is on the less expensive end of the line but works like a charm every time. I like that the electrical components are safe too-I've forgotten & left the box on for hours a couple of times & it didn't start a fire. Also, using the Box extends the life of any bowl at least five times, reducing the cost of the herb while greatly improving the "kick" of each drag. I think I might try the portable vaporizer that runs off a battery for those off-road kicks. I think the only thing I would change is the angle of the heating element from about 75 degrees to 0 degrees (straight up/down) like the Tower so the herb always sits directly over the heating element (I just pick up the Box now & tip it up).

I love my VaporBox!

- 03/21/2010

Each year for my birthday, I buy myself something nice, and this year I bought myself my VaporBox.

I did a lot of research on vaporizers before making my purchase, and I ended up with the box because the price was right (I couldn't afford the Volcano) and because I have a few friends with the box, and I've always loved using it.

I love its ease of use... literally set it and forget it, and adjust the temp when you buy new filler. The hand's free whip is extremely convenient, and I love that the rubber tubing is pretty standard, so I can easily replace it when it gets goopy. I recommend this product to everyone, and I've gotten a few of my friends hooked on it as well!

this one is awesome if you get the vaportower whip

- 10/28/2009

I love my vaporbox! I suggest upgrading to the vaportower whip and getting the extra top bowl or maybe the party bowl that goes with the vaportower whip. I wouldn't like it much if the deluxe handsfree handkit was the only thing available. Kudos to vaporstore for coming up with the dual screen concept.

East and effective

- 03/13/2008

This is by far the easiest and most effective vaporizer I have used. The trick is just getting your temperature set right.

Quite pleased

- 12/04/2007

Hi! We just received your VaporBox yesterday and are quite pleased with it. It has cut our consumption by 80%. Thank you!

Can hit as hard as you want

- 09/01/2007

I was unsure of a vaporizer at first, but if you use this thing right it can hit as hard as you want it, best vapor box on the net:)

Love it

- 08/16/2007

Just had to write you guys and tell you how much I am loving my new VaporBox! My wife hated for me to burn my herbs in the house because she hates the smell, but with the VaporBox I get the fullest of benefit (more so I believe than ever I believe).

Thank you

- 05/04/2007

First let me say Thanks I got my vaporBox and I could not believe it when I packed it. Did not take as much to get the job done... My wife did not like the smell when I would enjoy my herbs, it would smell up the house... not anymore !

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