Vaporizer Pens

The vaporizer pen is a delivery system for herbal extracts for the most part. Different plant extracts and herbs will boil or vaporize at different temperatures. By controlling the temperature, it is possible to release certain fractions in the formula by programming the temperature of atomization of each component.

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2013 Vipvape V.i.P Mini Vaporizer Pen

List Price: $59.95

You Save $4.95
Price: $55.00
Atmos Bulb Cartridge

Price: $16.95
Atmos Jump

List Price: $99.95

You Save $40.00
Price: $59.95
Atmos Rx Junior Vaporizer

Price: $99.95
Atmos Rx Vaporizer - Atmos Raw

List Price: $99.95

You Save $67.45
Price: $32.50
Bulb Atomizer Glass Globe for Waxes and Concentrates

Price: $12.00
Cloud V Vaporizer

Price: $59.95
Dr Dabber Ghost Vaporizer

List Price: $99.95

You Save $30.00
Price: $69.95
Dube 2 Vaporizer

Price: $39.95
Dube XS Vaporizer by White Rhino

Price: $39.95
G Pen Vaporizer by Grenco

Price: $79.95
G-Pen microG Taylor Gang LE Vaporizer

Price: $99.95
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