Herbalaire Vaporizer Parts

We offer the most complete offering of HerbalAire parts and accessories on the market. The HerbalAire H2.1 vaporizer is still to this day one of the best herbal vaporizers on the market as it can be used with a bag fill system or a tube delivery system. Both available anytime and all the parts to support it. The Herbalaire is the original Hybrid Vaporizer.

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HerbalAire - Crucible (4) Pack

Price: $14.95
HerbalAire - Easy Make Bags (8 pack)

Price: $24.95
HerbalAire - Main Teflon Mouthpiece

List Price: $14.95

You Save $10.00
Price: $4.95
HerbalAire - Mouthpiece Kit

Price: $24.95
HerbalAire - Teflon Mouthpiece Extensions (2) Pack

Price: $8.95