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Vaporizer & Accessories

 Vapman Vaporizer - Portable Herbal Vaporizer & Jetflame Lighter
Vapman Vaporizer - Portable Herbal Vaporizer & Jetflame Lighter

Price: $129.95

Color Options: Blue Vapman Vaporizer Holder
Green Vapman Vaporizer Holder
Red Vapman Vaporizer Holder
Yellow Vapman Vaporizer Holder
Grinder Type: None
Acrylic Grinder (+$4.95)
Grinder Card (+$6.95)
Aluminum Grinder (+$15.00)
Deluxe Aluminum Grinder (+$24.00)
Jetflame Lighter Option: Vapman & Jetflame Lighter
Vapman with/out Jetflame Lighter ($-14.95)
Extra Jetflame Lighter?: None
Extra Jetflame Lighter (+$14.95)
Butane: None
Vector Butane Lighter Refills 300ml (+$10.00)

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Vapman Portable Herbal Vaporizer & Jetflame Lighter
This is one of the best portable herbal vaporizers we have used. It is discreet in its case and very small. It comes with it own Jetflame Lighter that can be refilled. The design is unique and works very well.
  • 1 x Portable Vapman Original Vaporizer
  • 1 x Funnel Tube and
  • 1 x Cover
  • 1 x Jetflame Lighter (Unless you purchase the Vapman without it)
Are you searching for a portable Vaporizer that is compact, conveniently handy, easy to use and looks absolutely stylish? Then you are very well served with the Vapman vaporizer offered only at VaporStore! Each vapman vaporizer is made individually, by hand with much care. And composed of only the highest-quality materials found in Switzerland. Our demonstrations and experience with this new portable vaporizing wonder has proved to the vaporizing community that it is the best NEW portable vaporizer on the market. This unique and discreet vaporizer system comes with its own carrying case which fits snug in your pocket and a  butane torch lighter for creating the heat needed for vaporizing no matter where you are. This amazing vaporization device has been tested by everyone from skiers in the Swiss Alps, by YOU, our customers and by our diligent team hear at VaporStore with results reaching 100% functionality and satisfaction.


The Vapman Basic cases come in many color options
The Vapman Vaporizer is a highly technical and super light vaporizer that has to be treated with care. With the right handling of the vapman vaporizer will make sure it works perfectly for years.

Please take note of the following tips:
  • Remove the mouthpiece only when the upper part is loose from the bottom part.
  • After a session clean the filter by gliding it over a cloth (your trousers). Like this you remove the resin and the upper part will never stick to the gold-plated bowl. If it does stick to the bowl, do not force it away but just heat the bowl to unstick the upper part.
  • Store your vapman in the box to keep it save.
2 Product Reviews - Average rating 5 / 5 (Show All)

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Nice Portable

- 04/21/2015

I've purchased two of these from the VaporStore and liked them so much that I purchased several more for my friends. They just take a minute to learn proper heating for these units, once you get the hang of it their sweet.

Can't Recommend This Highly Enough

- 06/22/2011

Ever since I got this in the mail (which shipped VERY quickly!), I have retired all methods. I love this little piece for its unique design! Like any new piece, this had a learning curve-- the lighter! I had a trying time at first figuring out just how much to heat the vapman vaporizer. But now I'm past that and 100% comfortable with the Vapman. I bought this after trying a friend's, and my best friend bought one after using mine. Clever design, tremendous product...well worth the money!

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Volcano Vaporizer
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