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But it's not perfect...

- 09/23/2014

I had tried several tabletop systems before settling on the VaporTower. My reasons? First, it's a simple system: a power switch, a temperature control dial, and a passive heat system with no moving parts. Second, it's an efficient system: its feeding needs are frugal, so low cost of ownership; its vapor production is outstanding.

Every vaporizer seems to require several bowls to learn its quirks and produce desired results, and the VaporTower is no different. Mine was a gift; there were no instructions other than a suggestion that optimal temperature was around 12-1 o'clock for the indicator on the temp dial. It would be useful to know where the indicator needs to be in a range from maybe 200 degrees to 425-50 degrees in 25 degree increments. As always, however, the imperative to experiment and explore has its own rewards - and is usually a lot more fun.

It's a great concept, it's well executed, the company stands behind it, and it's a steal in terms of price/performance comparisons.

Awesome Home Vapor, beats the Volcano...

- 05/28/2014

I love this VaporTower. It looks totally cool with it's changing lights and it hits really smooth. I get compliments on it all the time. Works great and love that I can really tune in the temperature to my liking.

Great affordable Vaporizer

- 07/20/2013

I love this vaporizer! I set it up right after it was delivered and it works great. I use the aroma therapy bowl with herbal oils all day. then at night I switch to the handwhip to enjoy my herb. I will never go back to smoking again. Thank you,

Fantastic Vapo

- 02/16/2013

Purchased my Vapo Tower while the store was still located in Emeryville, CA. The unit has been help up nicely, and continues to operate like it was new. Thanks for providing such a quality product.

Thank You!

- 11/27/2012

This is the best vaporizer I've ever tried! My wife was coughing so bad when taking her medicine. We tried everything. We bought the Vapor Tower and this thing is 'da BOMB'; it works great. The Vapor Tower is clean runs cooler than other vapes I've used and it arrived in a couple of days with free shipping! The screen design is the key to this vape. take it from an old desert rat toker, buy it... you won't regret it.


- 11/19/2012

i am so releaved to finaly be able to add my two cents to all the raves and good reviews about the V-Tower and "there good service." Well it's "ALL TRUE!" the V-Tower is such a awsome, easy to use, elegant, and very well thought out vaporizer. I was looking for a good and price savy vap. and by god i found it! there payment plan is as simple as advertised. and shiping & costumer service is five star! i will, as others, go out of my way to recommend VAPORSTORE to ALL my friends and family! thank you Vaporstore!

Simple, Durable and Very Effective

- 02/22/2012

I had pretty much written off box-style vaporizers years ago. I was under the impression that the Volcano was the only one worth buying, but the VaporTower changed everything. It is extremely effective and much more enjoyable to use than the Volcano. The Volcano is great, but filling up bags is a production that I usually don't want to deal with and the price is ridiculous.
A friend of mine has a well-known brand of box vaporizer that sells for about the same price as the tower, but his leaves part of the herbs burnt and part untouched. The VaporTower vapes the material evenly and its amazing how many puffs a small amount will yield (less material is better). And with a lifetime guarantee? Forgetaboutit! I recommend it over a Volcano on and its silent operation is way less annoying. Just remember to get at least one spare bowl so you can rotate them when it gets too hot. For the best experience, read the directions carefully. I find my ideal dial setting is a bit higher than what most say (1 o-clock), but practice makes perfect!

Reliable, efficient, well-made vaporizer

- 11/22/2010

My girfriend and I have had a Vapor Tower vaporizer for well over a year. We've found it to be reliable, well-made, and very efficient. It doesn't have a bunch of overdone features like digital readouts or forced-air output, but it really works well and is a joy to use. It may take a little time to get to know how to use it best; we found that a setting of about 12 noon on the dial works best.

Vapor Tower

- 11/18/2010

I have had a VaporTower Vaporizer for over 3 years. It has gotten a lot of use and it still works as good as the day that I got it. It is based on very simple technology but really all that you need. I have tried a lot of different Vaporizers and I persoinally like my VaporTower Vaporizer as well as most of them.

Simply the best

- 11/18/2010

A workhorse. Can be dropped and will still function. Inconspicuous. Cool to the touch. Delivers monster results. I put a Roor mini steamroller on the mouth end and get aeration thrown in. Best of all- no more coughing fits!

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