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Best Customer Service

- 01/04/2020

Our VaporTower Next Generation needed a new heater core. It was an easy fix, and they sent us the part very quickly. The tower is a wonderful product, and the lights are very pretty, a nice added touch.

VaporTower Vaporizer Classic

- 08/01/2016

I brought this product 6 years ago, I have saved hundred\'s of dollars from NOT buying papers & Dutch-Masters that cost $1.50 a piece in New York State. Which if purchased everyday would cost $547.50 a year in less than five months you will make your money back.

In the 6 years that I have used this product, I have only fixed it twice, the first time I kicked it off my bed, hit the wall by accident and it broke.

2nd time it was just to old, and I had A Total Rebuild of the VaporTower Vaporizer Classic done.
Total cost $78.00 in 6 years, plus I bought the unit at the time for $200.00.

It is really great, you get the must out of whatever it is that your smoking, legal stuff of course; depending on your state, in my State of New York it is tobacco, but for CA, CO and now Washington it\'s much more exciting.
Just adjust the dial which provides heat so that you get the amount of smoke you would like or desirer.
That\'s it. 6 years going strong, try it yourself.

Great company, great product

- 10/14/2015

Been using this for about 5 years, had multiple incidents with broken pieces and the company has always been fast and fair with service and repairs. Cannot recommend this product enough.

Beat the others for Sure!

- 11/19/2012

I just received my VaporTower a few days ago and love it. I've wasted money on an Vapir Oxygen mini,the Pocket Vapor 600,the Noble Vapor 100 and up to now my Phyto Lab vaporizer worked best. The VaporTower is the most effective at conserving the herb being vaped. It's a joy to use and the double screen makes sure the herb is evenly heated.A clever design.My vaporizer search is over finally. This is far and away the best vaporizer I have ever used.

The Bomb!

- 11/19/2012

The Vapor Tower is the bomb. I've been using it exclusively. Recently I went away for the weekend and ended up smoking instead of vaporizing. My throat and lungs were in agony. If you care enough to smoke fine herb a vaporizer is a must.

Tower of Towers!

- 11/19/2012

i'm not sure if it is allowed but I HAVE to tell everyone "again"! how great the Vapor Tower works. it is a "AMAZING" VAPORIZER! and it is a combination of elegance, user frendlyness, and top notch performance!! and the service is 5 star! in less then 1 week not only did i receive the vapor tower, but unfortunatly the handkit had a nice crack running down the lenght. so I email'd them a pic, and a short note. And as I was just saying, in less then 1 week i already received the new handkit. Now thats FAST SERVICE!!! I have NEVER in the last few years be dealt with this quickly, and effitiently! PLEASE KEEP UP THIS OUTSTANDING JOB YOU GUYS ARE DOING! THE WORLD COULD LEARN A FEW THINGS FROM YOU! Thank you so much! God bless you all!


- 05/31/2012

Great product. Little waste, easy to use and will convert any users of other vaporizers. Try it, you will love it.

Gonna get another

- 01/24/2011

Ordered this product on 1-21-11, received it on 1-24-11. Totally awesome customer service. Did not expect so soon being 2000 miles away. I test drove this machine as soon as it arrived. With about 1/3 the product, took about 15 min to get it figured out, smooth sailing now. I say ya gotta get this for the money. AAWWSSOOMME. I'll have another for a spare. Thank you Vapor Store. I will not 4-get ya!!!!


- 12/30/2010

have to say i order a few days be for xmas and it was here on xmas eve. that was great. sad thing was i was out of town and had to wait tell Monday to use it lol.

So, I got it let it heat in for 5 mins or so just too be safe and must say love the thing. only thing i can say is you have to find the right setting on the knob for how much and what you are using.

I found for some 12 was right on the money and then i put a bit to much in and had to change the heat to about 1 pm setting but let it sit for a few mens and was geting vape again. i love this little magic box.

if you dont have the money for it do the payment plan. I must say they are doing you a great deal of offering that. as it was xmas i did the payment plane and got that fast and the service is great there. i for some reason did not get a stir tool but i emailed them and they are hooking me up. I felt so liked there and i was not even there.

Service like this is hard to find and when i find it i like to tell people. i have all ready had friends over the last few days to see the new toy i have gotten and i am sure some will be picking up one.

keep it up and i will be buying parts for it soon.

24/7 use and abuse...3+ years and still kicking

- 11/25/2010

Built to last.

I've dropped this thing so many times I've lost track. I've had little glass bits fall out of the bottom. The heating element leans to the side. I've worn out nearly dozens and dozens of screens. I've bit up the ends of 5 tubes, all of which were completely covered in oily residue. And yet it still works perfectly everyday, and I never shut the thing off, heck i haven't even adjusted the knob in more than year. This is the best value in vaporizers ever made, nobody can match the durability of this simple and elegant design.

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