2 Piece Hands Free Handkit (Pull-Apart Whips)

2 Piece Hands Free Handkit (Pull-Apart Whips)

Price: $34.95
5 pack screens Hands Free HK 1" (+$1.95)
Extra Tubing
3' Replacement Tubing (+$3.50)
5' Replacement Tubing (+$7.50)

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Another deluxe handkit option for your hands free vaporizer, these innovative glass handkits are made to pull apart, rather than unscrew. Elminating the screwing action also eliminates the use of metal threads so you get a complete glass-on-glass experience.

Experience the same convenience while vaporizing and the same ease when replacing screens. The NEW pull apart handkit just offers an alternative option to enjoying your VaporBox

NOTE: This “hands-free” model will ONLY work with “hands-free” vaporizers. It will NOT work with ANY standard “non hands-free” vaporizer. This handkit will NOT work with the VaporBrothers Vaporizer or the VaporTower Vaporizer
  • Standard Vaporizers use our Deluxe Standard Handkit which can be found HERE.
  • Our VaporTower uses our Deluxe Dual-Screen Handkit which can be found HERE.
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- 03/28/2010

I think the reasoning is for easy changing of the screen... My old one is a pain in the arse.

makes no sense

- 10/27/2009

This is not based on the concept of the dual screen whips. It pulls apart but has only ONE SCREEN. No reason to pull apart the gourd when the material is placed on the heater side of the screen just as in the standard vaporizer. At least they have great customer service and are willing to give a refund or exchange.

Note from Customer Service:This feature is to make an easy screen change and cleaning as with all the other deluxe handkits. We have changed the text to make this more understandable.

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