The Vriptech Vaporization Heat Wand 3.0 Pro

The Vriptech Vaporization Heat Wand 3.0 Pro

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The Vriptech Heat Wand just got better! VaporStore is proud to offer the new and improved Vriptech Heat Wand 3.0! 

The new 3.0 wand has a much more durable integrated circuit instead of a coil that is encapsulated in ceramic. This is then encapsulated by a glass heater cover. The heating element gets about 20% hotter than the 2.0 as well. The heater cover has been dramatically improved. The new 3.0 heater cover is made to fit both versions of this wand (2.0 and 3.0) and it has been tooled and sandblasted to create additional surface area for more efficient thermal exchange. By removing some metal components associated with the heater, it improved both the aesthetic aspects as well as the life span and functionality of the unit. If you're serious about vaporizing and want some of the best quality vapor you've ever had, this unit is for you!

The Vriptech Heat Wand 2.0 positively changed the way that people view Vaporizing. With this compact heat wand, you are able to not only break away from using large traditional vaporizers, but you are also able to attain a broader spectrum of vapor that usually can't be achieved with a traditional vaporizer whether you are a light, moderate or heavy user. If the 2.0 can revolutionize vaporizing in such a way, imagine what the new 3.0 Vrip Tech Heat Wand can do to change your vaporizing experience. 

*Note: This unit must be used with a water pipe you already own. You must buy a "Shorty Bowl Chamber" as well as an "Upper Intake" attachment in order to use this product efficiently. You can buy the Official Vriptech Water Tool Combo Packages from us as well.

PLEASE NOTE: The VHW is recommended for experienced vaporizing connoisseurs only. It is not the cheapest or easiest vaporizer to use. It is designed for attaining superior quality vapor and is a product for conscious and careful use. If you are looking for vapor quality superior to that which is extracted with a plastic or box vaporizer and inhaled through a hose or out of a plastic bag, the VHW is for you.

This Vaporizer should be used with a surge protector.

NOTE: Stand Sold Separately

IMPORTANT: This vaporizer cannot be used with a voltage converter so cannot be used with any other voltages other than what voltage you choose as an option.
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Hands Down The Best

- 04/21/2015

This is the best vaporizer on the market. Glass on glass on glass, the air never touches the ceramic element. I used these for the first time several years ago and immediately tossed my terrible tasting volcano in the nearest dumpster. This IS the last vaporizer you'll ever have to buy for home use. NOTE: Make sure these are plugged into a surge protector at all times.


- 08/19/2011

I definitely needed some getting used to it, but man, this thing is worth every penny. i never like the volcano becasue of the plastc bag taste. this gives you a clean vapor hit, bar none.

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