Pax 3 Vaporizer by Ploom

Pax 3 Vaporizer by Ploom

Uses: Dry Herbs
Type: Portable Vaporizer | Battery

Product Features:
  • Sleek & Stylish Design
  • Polished Premium Finish
  • LED Interface
  • Compact & Portable
  • Stainless Steel Herb Chamber
  • 4 Optimized Heat Settings
  • Lip & Motion Sensing Technology
  • Magnetic Oven Lid
  • High Compacity Li-ion Battery
  • 10 Year Warranty
Price: $274.99

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The Pax 3 is the latest iteration of the popular PAX line of portable vapes. By improving their heating system and battery, and adding haptic feedback, PAX Labs has delivered a smarter, faster, and stronger portable vaporizer than the already impressive Pax 2. Unlike its predecessor, the Pax 3 features a mobile app, and the added functionality gives users more control over their vaping sessions.


The Pax 3 has a smoother, more refined look than its metallic brushed predecessor, the Pax 2. To satisfy every preference, the Pax 3 comes in a variety of looks: Rose Gold, Gold, Silver, and Black. The exterior is made of highly polished anodized aluminum that’s very durable yet soft to the touch, making it pleasant to grip while vaping. The ergonomic shape of the third Pax vape feels as welcome in the hand as the stick shift of a Porsche. Attractive to the eye, yet easy to conceal when need be, the Pax 3 is ideal for vaping dry herb out and about. Boasting a high quality build, the PAX 3 is protected by a 10 year warranty.


With a 3500mAh lithium ion battery, the Pax 3 has 500mAh more power than the last Pax vaporizer. The added power of the Pax 3 significantly cuts down on the 45 second heat up time of the Pax 2. Now the lowest vaping temperature is reached in only 15 seconds. The hottest temp can be achieved in just 5 seconds more. The rapid heat up time means you can take quick hits “on-the-fly” while vaping about the city. This makes the Pax 3 one of the more discreet portable vaporizers for dry herb. Stepping out of the office for a quick hit? Toggle your ideal temp (360F, 380F, 400F, or 420F) and start vaping in seconds. The Pax 3 battery charges in about 90 minutes, quicker than most vape batteries.


With an ample-sized herb chamber, the Pax 3 caters to those who vape multiple sessions throughout the day. Fewer reloads means seamless vaporization. But to accommodate single-session users, PAX Labs has introduced a new half-pack lid that cuts the chamber size down to size for smaller sessions. Simply stick the half-pack lid into the Pax 3 chamber and load a session’s worth of dry herb. A wax concentrate insert enables on-the-go vaping of runny to waxy consistency concentrates. The Pax 3 vapes waxy oils much like dry herb, slowly and lowly, delivering smoother, more flavor-intensive hits than other portable vapes. The flavor profiles of shatter, crumble, and more is on full display with the Pax vape. Much more efficient than vape pens, the Pax 3 can stretch just a pinch of wax across a 15 minute vape session. For the sake of convenience, the wax insert is leak proof and designed for easy cleaning. Pax Labs recommends using the highest heat setting with the wax concentrate insert for optimal vaporization.


Unlike its predecessor, the Pax 3 allows users to control temperature in a variety of new ways via mobile app. Exploring new vapor profiles is as simple as a few taps on your smartphone. Boost Mode reduces cooling in between sessions to maintain ideal vaporization temperature, which is especially helpful when vaping waxy oils at a consistently high temperature. Efficiency Mode gradually turns up the heat as the session carries on, unlocking different terpenes and flavor notes and promoting thorough vaporization. Stealth Mode cools the unit down fast, reducing indiscrete odors. Flavor Mode only heats when you pull from the Pax 3, increasing the tastiness of your vapor. For added discretion and convenience, the Pax 3 introduces haptic feedback (vibration alerts) akin to today’s most advanced smartphones. Rather than wait for a display to notify you when vaping temperature has been reached, you’ll be alerted via vibration in your hand or pocket. This enables you to keep the Pax vape hidden when not in use for stealthier sessions. The Pax 3 improves upon its formidable sister vape, the Pax 2, with a beefed up battery, slicker design, updated mobile app, and vibration notifications. Expect a stronger, faster, and more discreet portable vape that delivers high purity vapor in just seconds.

Accessories (Included):

  • 1 x PAX 3 Vaporizer
  • 1 x Concentrate Insert
  • 1 x Charging Cable + Dock
  • 1 x 350 mAh Battery
  • 2 x Mouthpieces
  • 2 x Oven Lids
  • 3 x Screens
  • 1 x Maintenance Kits
  • 1 x Multi-tool
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