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A joy to use!

- 06/25/2013

The learning curve is gentle -- after a couple false starts and a few minutes of reading the manual, I was getting thick clouds of vapor in about 5 minutes.

It's gorgeously built. Both pieces are attractive and solid, and the magnets that hold them together are a great touch, making the the bowl easy to access.

The only downside I've found is that, if you're passing it around, the vapor plate gets pretty hot. It's still usable, just watch your fingers. That said, I expect this to be my primary device for many years to come.

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- 02/06/2013

This portable vaporizer is awesome. After a few uses you develop the technique getting the heat right and you produce thick creamy clouds of vapor. Brilliant design separates butane from the hot air stream makes for clean tasty hits. Built to last forever.
Kudos to Lotus for getting it right.

Best portable vaper yet!

- 07/03/2012

I have used my share of portable vapers: I started on the VaporGenie, tried out the Eclipse Vape2O, and eventually my Lotus. I have to say, the difference is incredible! No more nasty fumes and from the lighter, as with the VaporGenie, and just as easy. Everything tastes better and burns more efficiently. I am getting a much better hit out of the Lotus than I did with either of my other pieces. I would never give this guy up!!

Highly, highly recommended. So cheap its worth the shot!


- 05/09/2012

Wow!!! Love the Lotus!!! This thing works Beautifully!
Engineered... flawlessly! Aesthetically, it's as pleasing as a work of Art!
And the design and simplicity of it... Is genius!!

I just received it a week ago and already have used it extensively. Lol! By only the third time using, I had the lighting technique DOWN!
(Which is the only x-factor in this thing - getting acclimated to the best way to use the butane lighter.)
The Lotus itself is beautifully simplistic and engineered and built absolutely solid.
I am getting GREAT vape out of it and the use is quick and easy!

Masterfully done, guys and gals at Lotus!
My lungs are thanking you for years to come!

Thank you!


(But really it's five stars.)

- 06/07/2011

Alright, so... I've had this thing about 3 hours. Right out of the package (and out of it's carrying case), I felt the quality and engineering. It has heft. If you've looked at the pictures, maybe you initially thought what I thought: I still might be getting a light wooden stem despite what I've read here and there. In fact, it's aluminum. In fact, it's heavy. Not too heavy. But enough that you won't put it down without a quick study.

It's nicely made. With the top on (which is quite a clever design in itself), the whole thing's got a nice balance that isn't asking you to chase it while you're adjusting the flame.

The over all feel is simple, sleek, and seems to be all about it's function. No frills and thrills, but it strikes you more like a grown up than a college student, so really...who cares? It's unique enough that it definitely feels like something you start a conversation over. No one will believe you (until they get one of their own) that a pipe can actually vaporize as efficiently as any machine...all while sparing some of your material and be pocket-able at the same time.

In the way of use: It's fast. Fun, for sure, but it's fast. I also happen to have a Vapman, and a Vapir No2. The Vapman worked fairly well when I had first gotten it, but honestly--it took a lot of work, man. The No2, which runs off a battery, is still pretty great, but is now going to serve as back up for, say, when I go somewhere people would think I'm drinking out of a straw. But the serious upside to the Lotus is that it gets far more draw out of it than the Vapman. What it also does that the Vapman and No2 don't do is cool very, very quickly. It means that you can stop the vaporization process once you let up on the lighter. The Vapman seems to continue to cook things inside, and No2 does the same simply due to it's encased nature.

Sidenote: I have to admit-- I've used the Lotus far more times than necessary in this last 3 hours, only because it's fun to light up. The flame lighter that came with the pipe heats the nickel top to a temperature that makes a red-hot dot that you can push around the lid (careful. it's verrrry thin. In order to conduct the heat properly, I read. Anyway, it can puncture.). It takes a little practice to learn how to regulate your own Lotus, but it's already taken me FAR less time than the Vapman, and still less time than the No2. Somewhere I read that it takes about 2 seconds to get to Vapor temps. I'd say about four using the lighter that was included. But really-- how can you complain about that? The speed and efficiency is incomparable so far, and given that the Lotus's design was meant to eliminate the inhalation of fuel gasses, this portable really outdoes my others. It's a cooler vapor, too, coming down the long aluminum stem.

I have to say right here that I do not regret paying the cost. It's well machined, has a 3 year warranty, is beautifully designed (truly-- you'll understand when you see it) and is just unbelievably efficient. It feels just like smoking a pipe. And the more you use it, the more you get the feeling that you'll have this thing for years. The maintenance, without a doubt, is going to be a piece of cake. Due to it's metal body, the stem can be bathed in alcohol without the risk of it drying out or otherwise damaging the body. And that's really it. There may ultimately be some residue in the lid chamber, but a cotton swab has already proved easy to clean.

A last, very quick note on stealth: not so much. If you've ever done the quick toke in the car before going into the movie theatre, this could be a little challenging. The stem length is fairly long (I think they come in two sizes, 5" being the shortest). Given that length, you may be a little conspicuous smoking in parking lot. Alright, too many words. Hope some of them help, though.

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