Lotus Vaporizer Version II - Portable Herbal Vaporizer

Lotus Vaporizer Version II - Portable Herbal Vaporizer

Price: $119.00
Lotus Cap Options V2
Black Vapor Cap
Turquoise Vapor Cap (+$6.00)
Natural Vapor Cap
Lotus Stem Length V2
Long Stem - Version 2
Short Stem - Version 2
Grinder Type
Acrylic Grinder (+$4.95)
Grinder Card (+$6.95)
Aluminum Grinder (+$15.00)
Deluxe Aluminum Grinder (+$24.00)
Extra Jetflame Lighter?
Extra Jetflame Lighter (+$14.95)
Vector Butane Lighter Refills 300ml (+$10.00)
Lotus Scoop
No Scoop
Yes, Add The Lotus Scoop (+$5.00)

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The Lotus Portable Vaporizer is the next big thing in the portable vaporizer market and VaporStore is now the EXCLUSIVE, online retailer for this product! The Lotus Vaporizer combines the best features between the Essential Vaaap Vaporizer, Vapman Vaporizer and the VaporGenie Vaporizer. The LotusPortable utilizes the heating technology of the Vapman Vaporizer. The durability of the Essential Vaaapp Vaporizer and the efficiency of the VaporGenie Vaporizer to create one of the best vaporizing experiences you’ve ever had! The heating plate has a lotus design on the top which is your designated burn area.

This vaporizer MUST be used with a jet-flame lighter to be work effectively, much like the Vapman. The heat is applied at the top of the plate (heat exchanger) while air intake happens on the bottom of the plate. This is important because the butane shot out through the jet-flame lighter will rise and not be inhaled as the air intake is not close to the exhaust of the flames, which is an upgraded improvement from the Vaporgenie. The heat exchanger can be removed and is attached by magnet - a one-of-a-kind and innovative design! The breathing chamber (aluminum stem) is manufactured from hard anodized aluminum, similar to that of the Essential Vaaap.

Heat-up time is about 2 seconds and cool-down time is instantaneous. Because of the high quality design and construction of the Lotus, there are no metal, plastic or wood flavors in the vapor. This nifty little vaporizer is truly innovative and improves on some of the ideas and aspects of other popular, portable vaporizer models! If you’re looking for a quick, efficient and portable vaporizer, look no further, the Lotus is for you!

Everything you need in a portable vaporizer.  Nothing you don't.

The Lotus Vaporizer Includes:
  • (1) Lotus V2 Portable Vaporizer
  • (1) Jetflame Lighter
  • (1) Carry Bag
lotus vaporizer video instructions
The Lotus Vaporizer uses a thin nickel plate to transfer the heat of a butane flame to the air that vaporizes your herbal material. You never breathe the fumes of the flame because the flame is above the metal plate and the vaporizing air is drawn from far below the plate. The herbal material is bathed in a flow of hot air that vaporizes the volatiles using the same convection principle as all the large, electrical, home based vaporizers. The temperature of the hot air is controlled by the user, using the size of the 'hot spot' on the nickel plate to find the optimum vaporizing temperature.

Cleaning the Lotus Vaporizer

Screen Removal and Cleaning

Remove the screen from the bowl. Slide a pin or sewing needle down the side of the bowl to pry it out. Hold the screen with pliers and heat it red hot using your torch. After it cools rub it with a rag to remove the ash.

Stem Cleaning

Remove the screen and put the stem and bowl in isopropyl alcohol. Soak it for an hour. Lift the stem in and out of the alcohol every few minutes to get the alcohol moving through it. You can also run a long pipe cleaner through it while soaking it. The plug on the end of the stem can also be removed using a 3/32” Allen wrench. This makes it easier to get at the area under the bowl.


Let the stem sit in a warm location until it’s dry. Put the screen back in the bowl by pushing gently around its edge.


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A joy to use!

- 06/25/2013

The learning curve is gentle -- after a couple false starts and a few minutes of reading the manual, I was getting thick clouds of vapor in about 5 minutes.

It's gorgeously built. Both pieces are attractive and solid, and the magnets that hold them together are a great touch, making the the bowl easy to access.

The only downside I've found is that, if you're passing it around, the vapor plate gets pretty hot. It's still usable, just watch your fingers. That said, I expect this to be my primary device for many years to come.

Full Meal Deal

- 02/06/2013

This portable vaporizer is awesome. After a few uses you develop the technique getting the heat right and you produce thick creamy clouds of vapor. Brilliant design separates butane from the hot air stream makes for clean tasty hits. Built to last forever.
Kudos to Lotus for getting it right.

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