Laser Airzooka - Black

Laser Airzooka - Black

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Launch a Full Air Assault... Without Ever Leaving the Ground!

Imagine the surprise when your friend sees a red laser dot targeted on them followed by a harmless ball of air that blows them away!

The AirZooka's long range power and laser sight let you remain incognito while performing your sneak attacks. Line up your target with the red laser dot to improve shot accuracy! Pull back on the handle to load your AirZooka, place the laser dot on your target, and release the handle to shoot an invisible ball of air. It will blow 'em away-it's amazing.

Laugh with amusement as, seemingly from nowhere, you are able to play a harmless prank by ruffling a person's hair, clothes, or office papers, or simply try your luck at indoor target practice from a distance of up to 50 feet!

Safe entertainment for the whole family-fun for kids and adults alike! Get ready to cool off at a sizzling hot price. This is the PREMIER release of the AirZooka, so be sure to grab yours before they're gone! 


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