Volcano Vaporizer System - "Limited Edition" & FREE Case

Volcano Vaporizer System - "Limited Edition" & FREE Case

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Volcano Classic Herbal Vaporizer System

They both work great! But be sure that if you are ordering extras that you are sure to match them to your valve choice. No matter which Volcano option you go for you can always get the other as well and HAVE BOTH!!

Solid Valve - More info

Original valve system. Never needs replacing. 150 uses and change the bag using our Volcano replacement bags. Solid design made of stainless steel and heat resistant plastics. Individual balloon sizes. The SOLID Valve provides less expensive long-term option.

Easy Valve - More info

Our NEW EASY Valve system. No more changing bags or cleaning pieces. Simply discard the bag and attached valve after approx. 150 uses.

The advantage of the EASY Valve system lies in its easy handling and minimal maintenance work. Once the EASY Valve can no longer be used, you simply replace the old with a NEW one. The filling chamber is cleaned and re-used.


LIMITED EDITION "Silver Metallic" -Only One Made Ever!!!

The Classic Volcano Vaporizer System set the mark for vaporizers. All other vaporizers on the market strive to the standard set by Storz and Bickle

The Classic Volcano System Vaporizer releases flavor and active ingredients from plant material through vaporization by hot air. With the vaporization technique hot air passes through the plants. During this process the flavoring and active ingredients will be set free through controlled temperature (130°C/266°F to 226°C/439°F). Due to the specific vaporization temperature of the plant material the ingredients are released into the air and can subsequently be inhaled.

Smoking or incensing releases ingredients through heat but the temperature is reached through combustion which has several disadvantages. Smoking involves the combustion, incensing the carbonization of plant material, followed by the unavoidable inhalation of toxic combustion by-products, which cause irritation of the respiratory tract as well as noxious odors. In addition, the high and uncontrolled combustion temperature causes the unnecessary destruction of the majority of the ingredients, squandering the original material without any effect.

Vaporizing does the opposite, the ingredients are released in a gentle way and therefore you enjoy both health benefits as well as economic benefits. The plant material doesn't get burned and hence it is possible to vaporize the contents of the filling chamber several times until all the aroma and ingredients are completely dissolved.



1 pc. Volcano Classic Vaporizer
1 pc. mouthpiece
1 pc. filling chamber for herbs
1 pc. normal screen set
1 pc. air filter set
1 pc. liquid pad
1 pc. balloon tube (3m)
1 pc. cleaning brush
1 pc. grinder
1 pc. operating manual
1 pc. Volcano Classic Vaporizer
5 pc. Easy Valve balloons
1 pc. filling chamber with cap
1 pc. normal screen set
1 pc. air filter set
1 pc. liquid pad
1 pc. cleaning brush
1 pc. grinder
1 pc. operating manual
The Volcano Classic Vaporizer carries a 3 year warranty.

 NOTE: The FREE 2nd day air option only applies to the Volcano Vaporizer & 1 Volcano Valve Set. Any additional items in the order will NOT be shipped 2nd day air unless a paid option is selected as an upgrade.


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