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VaporBuddy Vaporizer - Portable

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About what VaporStore has found:

Here is an article that was written by the guys at VaporGenie. These guys really care about their customers and that is why they made the vaporgenie portable vaporizer. Then shortly after an imitation came onto the market. The guys at VaporGenie had the VaporBuddy tested and the results are not good....

About the VaporBuddy:

The VaporBuddy is a knockoff imitation of the VaporGenie.

The Vapor Buddy is contaminated with hazardous lead paint!

We started selling the VaporGenie in 2003. The VaporBuddy appeared on the market in 2006. News Flash - The paint on the Vapor Buddy contains lead. We recently had a sample of the paint from the Vapor Buddy tested and the lead content was found to be 7500 mg/kg. This level is not safe for consumer products and vastly exceeds the federal limit of 600 mg/kg.

I started making VaporGenie vaporizing pipes back in 2002. At the time, I discovered that certain porous ceramic materials reduce the temperature of an applied flame, and that this effect could be used to create a portable, inexpensive vaporizing pipe. I filed patent applications on my discovery and took big financial risks to develop the VaporGenie product. As of this writing (Fall 2007) the patent applications are still pending, unfortunately.]

In 2006, I discovered that my VaporGenie invention had been copied by people selling the VaporBuddy. The people behind the VaporBuddy copied literature from the VG website, cut-and-paste style, and used it to describe their own product! They copied the VaporGenie design , and passed it off as their own creation. They are dishonest copycats. We intend to go after them once our patent issues. But until then, all we can do is appeal to you, our customer, to support us. Also, the Vapor Buddy does not vaporize properly and is nearly non-functional. The ceramic filter used in the Vapor Buddy is a cheap, poor quality imitation that does not produce adequate heat mixing and distribution. The VaporBuddy is a ripoff.

We have recently located the VaporBuddy rip-off artists. They are located in China, and that makes it challenging (but not impossible) for us to stop them. We would like to warmly thank the VaporGenie customers who located the VaporBuddy manufacturer for us. Please consider these reasons why you should choose VaporGenie instead of the VaporBuddy:

  • We are honest, reliable and provide kind, quick customer service. We treat our customers and employees fairly and with respect. We are easy to contact through the website, and guarantee our products for life.
  • VaporBuddy has no website or contact information, aside from an email in China. How will you ever get warranty service or replacement parts?
  • We are located in the United States and pay our workers a living wage. Most of our components (80% on a dollar cost basis) come from the US. I dont know anything about the working conditions of the people making the VaporBuddy, but China has a horrible reputation for mistreating workers.
  • The VaporGenie is made of superior materials. All the metal parts of the VaporGenie (except the filter liner, which is chrome-plated) are stainless steel, including the bowl. The VaporGenie is lightweight. By comparison, the Vapor Buddy is much heavier because it is made of solid aluminum. The Vapor Buddy has a poor quality bowl, made from cheap brass lamp parts.
  • The VaporGenie has a recessed filter, which is an important design feature necessary for avoiding soot deposition on the ceramic filter. The VaporBuddy ceramic filter is not recessed, which makes it impossible to keep the flame off the ceramic; soot deposition and dirty vapor are the result.
  • We were first. If you support independent inventors and entrepreneurs, and don't like dishonest scammers that steal other people's ideas, then buy the VaporGenie.

The VaporBuddy contains dangerous amounts of Lead! The paint on the Vapor Buddy contains lead. We recently had the paint from the VaporBuddy tested at a certified laboratory and the lead content was found to be 7500 mg/kg. This level is not safe for consumer products and vastly exceeds the federal limit of 600 mg/kg. The laboratory results are provided below. The VaporGenie Vaporizer absolutely does not contain lead or any other toxic materials. The vapor buddy typically has paint inside the pipe, so if you are using the vapor buddy, you are vaporizing lead paint.

Toxic Paint?

Above are some pictures of the tested product.

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Defective, now what.

- 11/05/2009

I purchased a vaporbuddy from a retail store knowing next to nothing on how to use it. It came with no directions and their is no website instructing you on its proper use. Guess who I had to refer too, VaporGenie of course. What for some would seem like a simple task once learned is explained on their website in depth. That is how I defined that the pipe was defective. A hairline crack across the stone made it next to impossible to get the pipe to vaporize (the crack actually widened with use so that after the 3rd try it was obviously cracked). No big deal right. Well if you purchased a VaporGenie it wouldn't be because you could actually contact them and if need be send the pipe to them for repairs. I got lucky on this one, the store owner let me exchange the pipe for other merchandise even though the pipe had been used. Let me tell you he was not happy because you could tell he was going to eat the pipe. No returning it, return it to who? I couldn't tell you how it works if it worked but I can tell you I will not be purchasing another VaporGenie Vaporizer.

Note from VaporStore: Lesson Learned go with VaporGenie Vaporizer and not the knock offs.

Aluminum is bad for you as well as Lead

- 02/06/2009

it's funny that one person reviewed it better than VaporGenie saying that he like the "all aluminum" ...ummm do NOT smoke products that contain aluminum OR Lead ... Funny

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VaporBuddy Vaporizer - Portable
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